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equipment in place

Master Bedroom Water Damage

SERVPRO of Pico Rivera/ Santa Fe Springs responded to find water damage throughout the master bedroom and bathroom.  Demolition taken place to remove flooring and drywall to start the drying process and restore this home back to pre water conditions. 

Crawlspace Treatment

Crawlspaces can suffer from water damage after excessive rain causing mold and mildew to grow if not treated quickly and properly.  In this picture, our crew is applying antibacterial chemicals to the area to prevent future growth.

Crawlspace Water Damage

Excessive rain can cause standing water in your crawlspace.  This crawlspace suffered from water damage after significant rain hit the area.  We performed water extraction, set up equipment for proper drying and applied chemicals to prevent secondary damages.

Exterior Board up

The exterior of the building was boarded up after a storm hit the area.  The wood was put up to secure the location and keep intruders out during the clean up process. 

Vandalism Damage

This trash and debris was left behind after this building was invaded and destroyed by  the homeless.  The property was used for living and a place to dump debris for a weeks.  SERVPRO was called to clean and restore the property back to normal conditions. 

Commercial Vandalism

SERVPRO offers commercial cleaning services to your property after vandalism or damages have been done.  We can clean your business from top to bottom and restore back to normal working conditions immediately. 

Ceiling Water Damage

This ceiling suffered from water damage after a pipe break on the second floor flooded.  The water had leaked down through the flooring and drywall, dripping through the ceiling of the first floor. Call SERVPRO today for your water restoration and clean up.

Storm Clean up

After water and wind has resided and the sun comes out, SERVPRO of Pico Rivera/ Santa Fe Springs quickly responded and begin the board up the exterior wall to keep intruders from entering during the clean up process. Call SERVPRO today for your storm and water clean up.

Storm Damage

SERVPRO responded to a local music shop to find significant storm damage.  The exterior walls had been mangled causing wind and rain to enter the store and cause water damage. Call us today for your storm and water clean up.

Storm Damage and Equipment

SERVPRO of Pico Rivera/ Santa Fe Springs has professional drying equipment for your storm and water damage.  We responded immediately and begin the mitigation process.  We put air movers in place for quick and effective drying. 

Store Front Storm Loss

This exterior of the building suffered from storm damage.  The winds from the storm tore down signs, ripped off shingles and left the exterior with damage.  SERVPRO has storm restoration crews ready to respond when severe storms hit the area.  

Kitchen Fire Loss

This kitchen had a total remodel after a fire broke out leaving the kitchen an entire loss. The cabinets, drywall, and flooring were all removed and replaced with new. SERVPRO has the knowledge and expertise to restore your home back to pre fire conditions. 

Smoke and Soot Damage

Fire can leave behind significant smoke and soot damage. This was the aftermath of a kitchen fire in Whittier.  SERVPRO arrived on the scene to quickly begin the clean up process.  They were able to give the customer a full kitchen makeover.

Kitchen Fire Damage

Smoke and soot stains left this kitchen with significant fire damage. SERVPRO arrived and quickly started the clean up process.  Belongings were boxed up and cleaned properly to salvage from fire damage. 

Wood Water Damage

After the wet drywall was removed, wood was discovered and need immediate attention to prevent secondary damages. The team used proper drying techniques to dry quickly and effectively. Air movers were put in place also for drying.

Ceiling Water Damage

SERVPRO responded immediately to begin assessing and start the clean up procedures after a water loss was discovered.  We have a meter used to determine the amount of moisture present to get a plan together for procedures. 

Mold Removal

This was the aftermath of mold damage after a water loss. SERVPRO responded to start the clean up process.  We have professional equipment and cleaning techniques to remove the damages safely and quickly. 

Containment Water Loss

After a water loss, the commercial property suffered from a significant water loss effecting a small area. The containment was set up to properly dry and keep the air moving in a smaller space to dry quickly.

Commercial Water Loss

This commercial property suffered from a significant water loss.  SERVPRO responded immediately and begin water restoration clean up.  The containment was put up to dry the area quickly and effectively.

Pico Rivera Fire Restoration

This home was nearly destroyed by a grease fire.  It was better for them to remove all damaged materials and start fresh.  SERVPRO of Pico Rivera/Santa Fe Springs was ready for the monumental task.

Storm devastation

With hurricane season comes rain, rain and more rain! This Pico Rivera home was devastated by heavy wind and rain.  The roof began to leak in multiple places and soon the entire home was victim to standing water inside.  SERVPRO of Pico Rivera/Santa Fe Springs was able to help them clean up the mess.

Containment was required

This Pico Rivera health care facility was devastated by mold discovered behind the walls. We quickly set up containment and began the remediation process. The office was grateful we were able to handle it quickly so that they patients were not inconvenienced. 

Water Damage in Santa Fe Springs

When a pipe burst and flooded this home in Santa Fe Springs the home owner was definitely devastated and did not know where to start first.  We arrived quickly after their call and got to work!

House fire in Pico Rivera

A Pico Rivera home owner called us for help when their home suffered a fire. Once the fire department cleared the home we were able to come in and asses the damage.  We were successful in fully restoring this home for the owner!

Water Everywhere in Pico Rivera

To have this much water covering such a large facility is a very unnerving experience.  This Pico Rivera commercial warehouse manger was overly thankful when we arrived.  We were able to successfully and efficiently extract the standing water and set up the proper drying equipment to get the entire warehouse dry and back in business!

Dental Office Containment

SERVPRO has special cleaning techniques for your Mold Remediation needs.  This dentist office suffered from mold damage.  The team set up containment to work and clean the mold without spreading into other parts of the office. 

We have a bigger and better warehouse!

Since SERVPRO of Pico Rivera/ Santa Fe Springs acquired the new location, the new warehouse has giving us the opportunity to support the local business owners and apartment complexes that suffer from a major disaster and need immediate assistance at a faster pace.

Oh no! Fire!

Suffer from a fire at home or commercial building could be the most stressful times for someone. Luckily, we can help you, we are trained and  specialized in restoring a place in a timely matter. We also have an extensive experience working with insurance companies. 

SERVPRO of Pico Rivera/Santa Fe Springs Office Team

Meet our office team! No loss is too big or too small for our crew to handle!

Give our office team a call. We make it "Like it never even happened." 

Break Room

SERVPRO of Pico Rivera/Santa Fe Springs believe that if we strive in keeping our employees happy, they will strive to keep clients happy. When we moved to our new place back in 2015 we made sure our employees have a bigger and nicer work area and lunch room.

Our reception office!

In 2015 SERVPRO of Pico Rivera/Santa Fe Springs made the decision to move to a bigger, improved and accessible location in order to continue our mission in providing excellence service to our clients and expand our services as well.

More Storage Space.

All our client contents are cleaned, placed in boxes and storage in rooms to avoid lost items or damaged content. We love to make each client's project "Like it never even happened."


In every job a containment is a very important part of the process to protect areas of the property that are not affected by moisture, dust, smoke, or mold spores.