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How To Handle Black Water in Your Building

2/14/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage How To Handle Black Water in Your Building Water damage? Call SERVPRO for immediate help.

Flood Damage Caused By Black Water

If flooding occurs in Santa Fe Springs,CA, your business could be severely affected by water damage caused by black water. This type of damage happens when heavy rainfalls push wastewater into buildings or when the sewage system is compromised. It is a threat that should be taken seriously, and a building that has been affected by this type of flood should be given immediate attention. Complete sanitization is generally required, and time is of the essence. Here are some suggestions for you as you begin the restoration process.

1. Turn off all utilities. Be sure that the gas and electricity to the building have been cut off before entering the building. Stay away from fuse boxes and anything plugged into outlets until you are sure all power to the appliances has been turned off. Be wary of submerged appliances.

2. Begin the sanitizing process. The contaminated water should be removed as quickly as possible from the building to assess the water damage. All surface areas touched by the sludge should be thoroughly disinfected. Walls, fors, and countertops should be washed with warm water mixed with cleaning agents that will destroy all harmful bacteria. Sanitize the air by opening windows and running fans throughout the area. Be careful not to track debris into clean areas.

3. Evaluate the items in the flood area. Take all moveable objects out into the sun to dry. Appliances that have been submerged for a length of time will most likely need to be replaced. Rugs and carpets that cannot be cleaned and disinfected must be discarded. Throw away all food containers.

The flood damage done by black water can be severe. The cleanup process could feel overwhelming, but water damage professionals are there to assist you in ensuring that everything is done properly and efficiently. They can get your building back to pre-flooding conditions like the incident never happened.

5 Steps to File a Claim After a Fire

2/4/2019 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 5 Steps to File a Claim After a Fire After a fire, you should create an inventory of damaged items for your insurance company

5 Steps to File a Claim After a Fire

A house fire can be a very traumatic event, and you may find it difficult to know what you should do in the immediate aftermath. One of your first moves should be to file an insurance claim as soon as possible. If your home in Pico Rivera, CA, has been damaged in a fire, there are some important steps you can take to help you deal with your homeowner’s insurance company successfully and help you begin the fire restoration process.

1. Contact Your Insurance Provider

Once the flames have been put out, it’s imperative that you contact your fire insurance company immediately, preferably within 24 hours. If you received a fire incident report from emergency responders, have it available.

2. Don’t Touch or Remove Items

While your first instinct may be to take personal items or salvageable belongings out of the house, this could actually hinder the claims process, which can also lengthen the time it takes for fire restoration to begin. You may be tempted to start smoke cleaning procedures, as well, but it’s best to wait until your insurance company gives you the go ahead. Depending on your policy, you may be required to allow an adjuster to survey the home in the exact condition it was left after the fire.

3. Secure the Property

Most insurance companies require that you take steps to prevent further damage from occurring. This may include boarding broken windows or placing tarps over the roof to stop potential leaks.

4. Take Inventory

Take photographs of the property to be compared with any pictures you may have of your home before the fire took place. Make a detailed inventory list that includes both damaged and undamaged belongings.

5. Track Communication

Throughout your claim process, keep detailed notes on any conversations you have with representatives from your insurance policy provider. Hold on to copies of any emails or other correspondence that takes place.

Following these steps can ensure that your insurance claim is resolved quickly and smoothly, allowing your clean up and restoration specialist to get to work on your home’s fire restoration as soon as possible.

Moldy Artwork: Removing Artwork Fungus

1/22/2019 (Permalink)

Removing Artwork Fungus

Whether you have a priceless Pollock, or your own Bob Ross inspired masterpiece, mold damage to a painting can be disheartening. It is easy to see the work as beyond repair, but thankfully mold cleaning is a fairly common practice, although cleaning artwork is a somewhat specialized niche. There are steps you can take if the damage is not too severe, but it is always wise to check with a professional.

1. Know the Medium

Different paints react differently to chemicals and liquids. For instance, oil paintings, while durable, can react well to water but terribly to chemicals. Watercolors and acrylics are likely the most vulnerable paintings to dampness of any kind, which is why choosing experienced cleaners and restorers may be best.

2. Work on the Frame First

If you choose to attempt the remediation yourself, then start the mold cleaning at the frame. Removing the frame before cleaning is recommended so that you minimize the risk of further damage to the painting. You can use an alcohol-based solution to clean and sterilize the frame.

3. Be Patient and Conservative with Cleaning

When you move to the painting, it would be wise to use a cotton swab dipped lightly in the cleaning solution. This ensures that you have control over the application, and it also minimizes the amount of damage done to the painting if any.

4. Hire Outside Help

A mold remediation specialist in the Santa Fe Springs, CA, area is usually a better choice if you are a novice. It is easy to damage a painting. While not every specialist will be experienced in salvaging and restoring artwork, they will likely know of an expert in that specific niche.

Mold cleaning of any material is usually best left to professionals, especially when dealing with artwork. The variety of paints and cleaning chemicals makes it difficult to figure out the best cleaning solution. The key piece of advice is to work conservatively and be patient.

Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Broken Pipes?

1/18/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Does My Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Broken Pipes? A pipe burst and flooded this home in Pico Rivera, CA

Most people in Pico Rivera, CA, have experienced plumbing issues at home. In many cases, these situations are minor and lead to moderate cleanup and repair efforts. However, if a flood occurs in your house due to problems with water pipes, you could be in for a costly, time-consuming mess. Fortunately, you have homeowner’s insurance. But does your policy handle such circumstances? The answers can vary.

How Flooding Can Occur From Broken Pipes

Anyone who has ever owned a home realizes that eventually most systems, components, parts, and appliances will eventually break down. However, you want to fix a broken pipe quickly to avoid disastrous water problems. Pipes can break due to the following causes:

  •  Normal wear and tear and deterioration
  •  Improper installation or faulty materials
  •  Neglect or willful disregard on your part
  •  Unexpected plumbing issues

When Insurance Won’t Provide Coverage

As a homeowner, you have the responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of your home. This includes paying attention to items that need repair and replacement. You can’t expect insurance coverage when you neglect to do your part. Worse, if you intentionally break something, the replacement will be completely up to you.

Plumbing Malfunction

Sometimes, incidents occur that are completely out your control. If a pipe suddenly breaks in your home and causes a flood, and it wasn’t something that happened because of gradual deterioration or your own neglect, your insurance should cover the costs and damages.

Poor Installation or Equipment

It’s crucial that a licensed, competent plumber installs your pipes. This way, you can have confidence that everything will function properly. If leakage or flooding occurs because the pipes themselves are faulty or because the plumber made an error in installation, you should have insurance coverage.

To avoid costly cleanup from a professional flood restoration company, make sure you understand the limitations and coverage from your insurance provider. Keep these guidelines in mind when you purchase a home.

How To Safeguard Your Business From a Water Damage Claim

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How To Safeguard Your Business From a Water Damage Claim Water damage due to broken pipe in Pico Rivera, CA

To help protect both their investment and financial security, it’s essential for every business owner in Pico Rivera, CA, to possess a commercial property insurance policy. Water damage resulting from leaking pipes is a common claim that often necessitates extensive cleanup and restoration efforts. Although aging infrastructure may complicate the situation, there are several proactive steps every business can take to help detect damaged pipes and minimize the risk of flooding.

Broken Pipes and Supply Lines

Water supply lines likely run throughout your building. In addition to sinks and toilets, water may also flow to and through a variety of equipment:

  • Fire suppression system
  • Water heater
  • HVAC system

To help reduce the risk of leaks, you should schedule routine inspections of these vitals systems to verify the absence of obstructions, loose hose connections and defective components that may cause water seepage.

Frozen Pipes

During the winter, exposed pipes may be susceptible to freezing. Ice formation can increase pressure within the pipe, which may cause it to burst. To minimize the risk of damaged pipes, you should insulate exposed supply lines in uninsulated areas of your building and those near external walls.

Roof Leakage

In addition to leaking pipes, flooding can also arise if water seeps through a compromised roof. Completing routine rooftop evaluations can help you identify potential issues and commence necessary repairs before substantial leakage occurs.

It’s also important to take proactive steps to prevent the formation of ice dams during the winter. To alleviate this concern, you should routinely clear gutters of debris and ensure you have adequate insulation above your ceilings. Maintaining proper air circulation is also key.

Proactive Maintenance

Although most property insurance policies cover water damage, avoiding a claim is often preferable. While it may be difficult to detect damaged pipes inside walls, employing proactive maintenance procedures can help you identify and repair some potential flooding sources before significant destruction occurs.

How To Make an Estimate For Fire Damage

1/10/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial How To Make an Estimate For Fire Damage Fire damage in a commercial Santa Fe Springs, CA

Fire damage is the fourth most common type of small business claim and the third most costly, according to The Hartford. The average insurance claim total is $35,000. There are several factors to consider when making an estimate of damage to a commercial structure in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

Extent of Damage

A minor fire will likely to cost less to restore than a major disaster. A property owner may want to consider:

  • How many square feet of a structure are damaged
  • Whether adjacent businesses or buildings have sustained damage
  • The condition of building materials and contents

Cleanup and restoration costs will be higher if most of a building is damaged or a fire has affected neighboring properties. It may not be necessary to file a claim if a small fire was extinguished before spreading.

Cleaning Costs

A commercial fire cleaning service has the expertise and equipment necessary to quickly clean up and restore damage. Professional cleaning may allow for a shorter interruption in business. Most commercial property insurance policies cover restoration services.

Repair or Replacement

The amount of building materials and contents that can be cleaned or repaired or which must be disposed of and replaced also impacts the overall cost of fire restoration. Gather proof of purchase when making an estimate and ensure your policy covers replacement costs.

Duration of Interruption

The longer a business is closed due to fire, the more revenue will be lost. An interruption rider on a commercial insurance policy can be applied to:

  • Continued expenses
  • Loss of revenue
  • Temporary relocation costs

Damage restoration can take weeks. Check policy limits to make sure that sufficient coverage is available. It may be possible to avoid filing an interruption claim if a business can operate out of another part of the affected structure or a temporary location.

These guidelines can be helpful in making preliminary calculations. Property owners should also obtain an estimate from a fire damage cleanup and restoration company in Santa Fe Springs, CA.

8 Steps of the Sewage Cleanup Process

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Water Damage 8 Steps of the Sewage Cleanup Process If your home in Pico Rivera,CA is flooded with sewer water get in touch with certified experts

Sewage Remediation

If your home in Pico Rivera, CA, is flooded with sewer water, the mitigation process extends beyond basic water cleanup. Here are the eight basic steps sewage remediation experts must take to restore your home.

1. Wear Personal Protective Equipment

A sewer backup results in a Category 3 water spill. Because the damage is highly contaminated, technicians must wear impervious coveralls, rubber boots, goggles and a face mask with a respirator to protect themselves.

2. Contain the Area

You want to prevent bacteria and other germs from spreading through the air into the rest of your home. Before cleanup begins, the area must therefore be contained.

3. Pump Excess Water Out

Standing water is extracted through an industrial pump. It flows into a tank where it remains until it can be discarded safely after water cleanup.

4. Remove Affected Items and Materials

All items in the area must be removed. If they cannot be cleaned, they are discarded. Walls, ceilings and flooring must also be removed if they are touched by contaminated water. Any consumable items such as food, toiletries or drinks that were in the path of the sewage must be thrown away.

5. Dry All Surfaces

All surfaces must be dried to avoid secondary damage. Technicians may use fans or open windows to circulate fresh air from outside.

6. Clean All Surfaces

Because a flooded toilet contaminates everything the water touches, all surfaces must be disinfected. Experts use powerful cleansers and test to ensure that germs are gone.

7. Restore Materials

After everything is clean, the restoration process begins. Walls and ceilings are rebuilt, and flooring is replaced.

8. Replace Salvaged Items

Any item that can be saved can be returned to the area once it's clean. Keep a list of items that have to be discarded for insurance purposes.

The more contaminated the water that causes the damage to your home, the more time-consuming water cleanup is likely to be. Use certified experts to ensure all the necessary steps are taken.

4 Alternatives to Candles for Your Home

12/19/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage 4 Alternatives to Candles for Your Home The use of candles can result in house fire

Alternatives to Candles for Your Home

Candles can provide great ambient lighting and allow you to choose your favorite scent for your home. Unfortunately, candle use also can result in a house fire. Fire restoration specialists recommend that you never leave a lit candle alone in a room. To keep your home in Santa Fe Springs, CA, safer while still reaping the benefits, consider one of these four candle alternatives.

1. Scented Wax Warmers

A great way to avoid a candle fire without sacrificing the comforting scent you love is by using an electric wax warmer. As the warmer heats up, the wax melts safely, diffusing the scent throughout the room.

2. Battery-Operated Candles

Another flameless option is a candle that operates on a battery. You still get the look and flicker of a real candle without the actual flame. You can also choose a scented option. These candles are perfect for a bathroom or other guest area where you want to have the look and smell of a candle without the danger of an unattended flame.

3. Electric Tea Lights

For dramatic lighting, consider electric tea lights as candle alternatives. This versatile option gives you the soft glow of a traditional tea light. You can place them in candle holders or vases, allowing the light to reflect and set a relaxed mood.

4. Reed Diffusers

If you just want a nice scent but don't really need the lighting that a candle provides, a reed diffuser is a smart choice. You pour scented oil in a designated glass receptacle and then place scent sticks or reeds in the oil. The fragrance is released slowly through the reeds to permeate the room.

Candles are pretty, but they may be more of a fire hazard than they are worth, especially if you are leaving them in a room where you can't watch them. Choose one of these candle alternatives to set the same mood in a safer way.

What Is the Mold Containment Process?

12/7/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO What Is the Mold Containment Process? Mold growth on ceiling in Pico Rivera,CA

Mold Containment

Finding mold in your business in Pico Rivera,CA, can lead you to have many questions about the mold cleanup process. Containment is often an important strategy when removing mold, so understanding what containment looks like and how it works can be helpful to you as a business owner.

1. Identify Areas With Mold Growth

Once mold has been spotted, the first step is to locate all areas of mold contamination. These funguses can sometimes grow in areas that are difficult to see, such as in walls or ceilings. It’s important to know where the mold growth begins and ends so an area can be properly contained. Locating the areas affected by mold also allows for the opportunity to fix any issues, such as pipe leaks, that could be causing the growth.

2. Use Containment Methods

There are various methods of containment that can be used in the mold cleanup process. If mold is only growing in a small area, physically blocking off an area could be enough to contain it. However, if it has grown in a large area, special equipment, such as a negative air chamber, may be needed. In many cases, mold removal and remediation experts recommend not turning on air conditioning or heat to further contain the mold.

3. Prevent Mold From Spreading

The primary reason containment is useful when it comes to removing mold is because it prevents spores from spreading. After an area is fully contained, the processing of cleaning can begin. Items or materials affected are either cleaned or replaced, the mold is removed, and structures are restored. With the area affected by mold growth contained, it is possible to clean and move items without having to worry about mold spores spreading in the building.

Understanding the details of mold cleanup can give you an idea of how long the process will take to complete. The sooner you can contain a mold problem in your building, the sooner you can get back to business.

Roof Damage Cleanup Essentials

11/23/2018 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Roof Damage Cleanup Essentials Roof damage after fire in Pico Rivera,CA

One of the biggest reasons fires can cause so much damage is that they can quickly spiral out of control and spread to all parts of a building. If a fire starts in your office building, one of the most common sports for problems is the roof. Not only can roof repair be expensive and extensive, but it’s important to secure it until crews can handle repairs and fire cleanup.

Why You Need to Properly Secure and Clean up Your Roof

As soon as crews have taken care of the fire and fire cleanup, it’s critical that you act quickly and replace the roof. Between the time the fire hits and you get your new roof, you need to put the right steps in place to prevent further damage or issues.

  • Proper procedures will keep out rain and other elements.
  • The right measures will secure the roof and keep it from experiencing more damage.
  • Careful attention will help prevent looting.


Once professional crews have identified the need for roof repair, the team will board up holes and gaps will plywood. The professionals will also block off other vulnerable areas that might pose a threat to the safety of others.


Tarp services should go hand in hand with boarding. Crews will place tarps over areas where rain, snow and other elements could invade and cause damage to your building. The team will ensure that the tarps are tight and won’t allow any precipitation or debris to get inside your building.


The fire cleanup company will keep an eye on your roof and ensure that the boards and tarps are firmly in place. Crews will replace anything as necessary. These steps will help facilitate faster replacement and complete repair.

Clearly, the roof is one of the most important parts of your Pico Rivera,CA, office. When you hire a reputable company to provide roof repair and fire cleanup, you can have greater peace of mind.